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Big Tom Spicy Tomato Juice bloody mary mix is spicing up the Sunday brunches across Virginia

BRISTOL, TN — Local entrepreneurs William King and Gordon Gilmer successfully grow their business in harsh economic climates as they send preservative-free Big Tom Spicy Tomato Juice state-wide.

It is no small piece of news when a small local company "makes it big," and that is just what Big Tom is doing. Big Tom Spiced Tomato Juice went state wide in Virginia ABC stores on May 1st of this year. The product, one of a very small number being in-shored rather than off-shored, tastes amazing and has all the right qualities to lead the market in its category. It has the lowest sodium of any Bloody Mary mix and is made with all natural ingredients. Through a complex State process, the distribution was approved with resounding success especially because of the great taste and health-conscious recipe.

What helped make the decision to launch this product? According to Mr. King, "Bloody Marys have been a Sunday morning tradition in the King family for generations. After years of trying different mixes and homemade concoctions, it was love at first sip when my parents discovered Big Tom." Big Tom has been in specialty and gourmet shops (such as local clothier Wm King and Inari Wines) since Bill King brought it to the states.

Talks are underway with major grocery chains to start a US expansion of the unique beverage. "The natural ingredients, low sodium, and lack of preservatives is really a huge selling point for us," said Gordon Gilmer.

In addition to the standard 25 fl. oz. size bottle, they are carrying a smaller 8.5 oz. bottle in specialty shops.